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Air scrubbers have been shown to filter and remove 99.9% of contaminates in the air, including mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Did you know that the average house exchanges its air, on average, only once every six months? Air scrubbers cleanse and circulate the air in just twenty four hours. 


Because Copley Services works often on remediation projects, we are adequately equipped with professional air scrubbers. These machines can purify the air in your home while you eat, sleep, or work. They are 100% safe to operate in your home near children, pets, and plants.


Take some time to research how incredible air scrubbers can be to protect you and your loved ones from the Coronavirus. We recommend this excellent website to learn more about the process:


The coronavirus averages 125 nanometers wide, measuring from 60 to 140 nm in size. Researchers found that air scrubbers such as ours with prefilters and heavy duty HEPA filters removed "particles as small as 3 to 20 nm with 99.99% efficiency" (Kim, Harrington, Pui, 2007).


Each air scrubber efficiently cleans up to 1,000 square feet. Therefore our prices are based on the square footage of your home and appropriate number of air scrubbers to purify your full house. One of our technicians will deliver and power up the machines with protective gear (N95 mask, gloves). 


These services have been offered at exorbitant prices around the US as of lately. We do not believe in price gouging. Our rental rate takes into account the $150 new HEPA filters purchased per machine per visit, as well as the time to deliver, pick up, and sanitize. We aimed to keep our prices affordable so that those who need the cleaning can have access.

We do require an additional deposit of $250 per scrubber. Please call our office manager at 727.294.9234 to discuss the process further and reserve your rental. We offer discounts for multiple days or regular services (1x, 2x per week).



Kim, S., Harrington, M., & Pui, D. (2007). Experimental study of nanoparticles penetration through commercial filter media. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 9(1), 117-125. doi:10.1007/s11051-006-9176-4

Home Sanitization with Commercial Grade Air Scrubber Rental

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